Zip it!

January 6, 2013  21:21  |  Daily Inspiration Fashion

I don’t know if it’s winter, snow or just after Christmas time when you feel you weigh more than you weighed before holidays but I have to confess that I really have a thing for sweaters, jumpers and anything that is baggy, big and cozy right now. I guess you noticed that before…

Acne ss11 by Hanneli Mustaparta


This time I have a crush on this amazing big, red sweater which has its own trick – a zip. It’s not just a zip; it’s The Zip through all the back. The sweater looks quite simple from the front while the back captures all the attention. This gorgeous goodie is from Acne ss11 collection designed by lovely Hanneli Mustaparta (where have you been all my life, dear red sexy sweater??!!). Who wouldn’t like to wear it while sitting in a cozy café drinking hot cocoa when outside is sparkling white snow everywhere?

It’s just one big/red/cozy/zippy sweater…sigh. Thanks, Hanneli Mustaparta, for this lovely goodie!




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