WWP Beauty Showcases Sustainable Innovations

November 12, 2020  14:14  |  News

WWP Beauty is excited to be showcasing new and sustainable innovations with a focus on their Side Button Dropper and their award-winning Eco-Pac Tube in Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week.

WWP Beauty Showcases Sustainable Innovations

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The Side Button Dropper is intentionally designed to elevate the user experience, the Side Effect Dropper allows for an effortless and precise dosage of your favourite beauty products. With a simple push of a button (located on the side of the cap) this component delivers an instant dose of gratification. This versatile package is an ideal match for serum and liquid colour, skincare, nail care and hair treatment formulations. This package is now available in 100% PCR (vial, cap and button). This material option reduces GHG emissions and offers an eco-friendly package.

The Eco-Pac Tube was inspired by the need for a more planet-friendly tube option, our Eco-Pac family offers a distinctive tube design that saves plastic while still offering all the flexibility and performance of traditional tubes. The light-weight design of the Eco-Pac Tube ultimately results in the use of 19% less material per tube and up to 93% fewer emissions per piece. In addition, the tube is made from 100% Bio-PE, a bio-based plastic resin derived from sugarcane which not only reduces the number of materials entering the waste stream but also makes it easier for the end consumer to dispose after use. For every 1 million Eco-Pac tubes produced, 5 tons of plastic are saved.

WWP Beauty is committed to developing future-focused, sustainable solutions for the global beauty industry through close collaboration, exceptional agility, and unparalleled scale. The company’s full-service offering of formula, packaging and accessories, paired with their in-house manufacturing capabilities allow them to stand out as the source for everything beauty. Through a worldwide team of beauty experts that span across North America, Europe and Asia, WWP Beauty offers its customers global support at the local level.






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