“Within The Time Within”

September 18, 2017  22:39  |  Fashion

Alexandra Moura

Photos by Olivier Claisse ©

Inspired by the deteriorated interiors of eighteenth-century Portuguese palaces, manor houses and garments from the same period, in her new collection, Alexandra Moura explores the concept of the ageing process. Focusing on the signs that it leaves behind, materialising it through an innovative approach that brings the inside out and reveals the soul and glory of the past.

Traces of time gone by are reinterpreted and brought to us in the form of specific finishes and the misrepresentation of what is used on the inside and outside. The subtle and romantic are combined with a contrast of a more high-tech approach and deconstructed element.

A combination of striking oversized and fitted shapes create opposites in silhouette, teamed with laces and pockets forming statement looks with potent historical nods.

Alexandra Moura

Injections of a relaxed urban flavour combine knits with sophisticated textures, tulle and brocade, linen and cotton, establishing in the collection a link between classic and contemporary.

The colour palette showcases tones of ecru alongside variant shades of black, with red emerging in a bold jacquard pattern with floral motifs, inspired by delicate wallpapers. In contrast, a plaid pattern brings frames the collection, disjointed with threadbare and frayed fabrics.