Where to find flowered romance in Berlin

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Where to find flowered romance in Berlin

Photos: Wildflowers

“Flowers always were a hidden secret and it is absolutely amazing to work with the flower’s girl who is floating around and spreading the romance,” – says Margaux Coker, a co-owner of the organic, natural and creative business “Poems and Posies”, while presenting her partner Jasmin Lünstroth. Two hopeless romantics met each other one year and a half ago and were brainstorming about a concept of the upcoming project which transformed from a pop up store “Wildflowers” to a collective activities business which combines the posies with poems, vintage and second hand shop and café. These passionate girls describe themselves as old-fashioned and laughing while saying that fighting with Tinder/fast dating is one of the missions of their business as well as injecting romantic vibe into the lifestyle of Berliners. Let’s smell the countryside, grandma’s garden and free spirit with two dreamers who decorated their hair with the wild flowers.

If you need to present your idea in a few sentences, how would you describe it? What are the most important features of your business?

Margaux: We stick the case with poems delivered by pedal bike while spreading romance all around the city. The flowers are always fresh and wild, having in mind we create the beauty not only using roses and tulips, but always the flowers from the countryside, incorporating wooden parts. Sharing the romance, love and dreams.

Where to find flowered romance in Berlin

Where to find flowered romance in Berlin

Why do you call your flowers wild? Is it something covered upon the title?

Jasmine: Everything is crystal clear and nothing is hidden – we spread romantic mood and vibes with the decorations of the wild flowers. Also we do dry these flowers, so the recycling aspect is related with our creative business as well. There are few options: you can have them fresh or dry and then keep them forever.  Trying to bring the childhood memories is also a part of our intensions: smelling the herbs from a countryside brings you directly to the grandma’s place and surrounds you with the positive emotions.

Margaux: The point is that we are both hopeless romantics. We are both dreamers who want to share this feeling and inspire, implement others to love and be loved. When I think about a future, I have this beautiful desire to get a position in the floristic business and invite more and more people to decorate their celebration places with wild flowers which have this magical smell. Can you imagine how impressive would it be to receive the flowers delivered by bike which is also decorated with the flowers? We make it real and bring some warm feelings to the air of Berlin.

Where to find flowered romance in Berlin

Where to find flowered romance in Berlin

How did you come up with this idea?

Jasmine: Well, it has transformed from “Wildflowers” to a broader concept, which is “Poems and Posies” because the first one was my own project and more like a pop up store. With Maggie we came up with a different project that has a potential to grow up to a business of the collective activities. Of course, having the flowers as a central object.

Margaux: We have just combined vintage second hand shop, “Wildflowers” store idea and café as well. Of course we wanted to keep the sense in the core, so have just dived into the sea of a brainstorming and found the one which is perfect combination and still leaves a space for our potential to expand the business.  You know, each posy has a special poem which strengthens the sense of romance, and it is related with our vision to combine what we have with a delivery service. It is a nice and lovely gesture for a friendship not only in a romantic way, but also a chance to surprise and show originality.

Where to find flowered romance in Berlin

Were you always passionate about flowers and gardening?

Margaux: Yes, I used to live in a house and there was a beautiful old woman who was calling me over to smell the flowers, and then she was giving them to me. I was hanging out with my friends and just secretly watching her garden which looked so magical. She got me into the flowers while showing amazing love and care.

Jasmine: As my grandma had a huge desire for the flowers, she has injected me the same feeling. It came so naturally and organically. I love the smell of the countryside and it is a reason why short escapes from Berlin bring me so much inspiration for the creation processes. A friend of us has just bought a house in a countryside and he’s like a gardener: collecting the flowers for us and helping the objects for our project. But it is really nice to get a support from surrounding people or even the strangers: they hear the idea, the come to us and propose something new and fresh. It is awesome, inspiriting and motivating!

Where to find flowered romance in Berlin

Let’s imagine you can become a flower. Which one would you pick up? Why? How does it reflect your personality?

Jasmine: My ex-boyfriend told me recently that all the time he sees elder plants, he just sees me in these flowers. It does not smell that nice, but I like elder plant flowers.

Margaux: I love cornflowers: simple and they grow everywhere. It is true, sometimes they can be overrated, but if I need to choose, I would transform into cornflower.

Please, finish the sentence: it could be flowers doesn’t bring absolute happiness, but it …

Both: Is a very good start!

Margaux: I used to study aromatherapy and saw with my own eyes how it helps the clients and live through the problems or find a new beginning. As we were talking before about the childhood memories, it brings you some freshness, positivity, dreaminess and romance.

Jasmine: And it brings sun, grass and happiness!

Where to find flowered romance in Berlin