Warm Monday

January 28, 2013  18:32  |  Daily Inspiration Fashion

Warm Monday

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I know that most of you hate Mondays. It’s not a secret that every second of you wishes it was still Sunday or already dreams about Friday. There are so many ways to beat Monday sickness:


1. Have a cup of coffee

2. Have some chocolate

3. Listen to your favorite song

4. Call your best friend

5. Write an e-mail to your old friend living far away

6. Put on your favorite outfit

7. Have another cup of coffee

8. Have some cheese cake

9. Smile!

10. Make people laugh, etc.


Warm Monday

Warm Monday

Warm Monday

The list is endless…How about adding “wear a cloak/scarf” to your Happy Monday list? These huge scarves will definitely warm you up. That’s just the only plus they have! These goodies will also make you look cozy and stylish. So, what do you think? Fashionistas have already added it to their list. How about you?


Easy Monday!



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