WADO – a Trendsetter of Sustainable Lifestyle

February 8, 2019  19:47  |  Fashion

WADO – a Trendsetter of Sustainable Lifestyle

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Not so long ago, the term “sustainable clothing” was coming along with dull colours and outfits that one couldn’t decide between looking attractive or simply odd. Serving as a mirror that reflects economic, cultural and social changes, fashion challenges both creators and us, consumers, to reshape our habits and perception of fabrics that we cover ourselves up with. Luckily, a vast number of brands have started to explore new and exciting ways of presenting fashion products; dozens different shades of green colour is not a thing anymore for those who stand for sustainable approaches in this industry, as well as designs, have become way easier adoptable.

WADO is one of the game changers that decided to go for it and introduced ethical but at the same time stylish and affordable footwear. Yes, it is combinable and yes, it looks so damn good! This 80’s inspired unisex sneaker brand that shares home with a fast-fashion giant INDITEX (trading as well-known Bershka, Zara and other big names) started as a Kickstarter project and became the most crowdfunded Spanish start-up – a financial goal that was needed to produce their first collection was made merely within 24 hours since its launch. The numbers speak for themselves – we are becoming much more aware of sustainable choices in our wardrobes and this news is thrilling to bits!

WADO – a Trendsetter of Sustainable Lifestyle
Starting the transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle

Even though WADO is a young company, they have already set a high bar of standards – “We want to prove that it is possible to make a product profitable while developing action of this type,” say the founders. The production of sneakers is carried out in the hub that has been created around Oporto (Portugal). There shoemakers have banned chromium and other heavy contaminating metals from WADO designs. The proximity of Oporto to Spain allows them to supervise the production and encourage the local industry, making sure that the wages are fair, also to reduce the ecological footprint with short transportation distances of the products.

WADO – a Trendsetter of Sustainable Lifestyle

WADO – a Trendsetter of Sustainable Lifestyle

As the company seeks to maintain a great degree of ethics, they add value to their business also by taking care of the environment; the shoemakers have taken the commitment to plant two trees for each pair of sneakers they sell. At this point, there are more than 24000 trees planted and the growth of the number is yet to come!
“Wado means thank you in the Cherokee language. Since WADO has started out from a crowdfunding campaign we will always be very grateful to all the backers who made it possible for us to start the brand”.




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