Video interview with the establisher of “Mad Rave”

March 7, 2014  23:14  |  Interviews M.I.C.

Video interview with the establisher of “Mad Rave”


Japanese dubstep music producer Goth-Trad hosted a memorable event in his show in Lithuania. Good feedback for not only the audience but also the organizers. They named the show as one of the best of recent seen performances. Especially for this event to Lithuania came FatKidOnFire from the UK. This blogger for several years voted as the best music reviewer in “Dubstepforum”. Shortly after the event, he posted detailed description about the time spent together with Soundboy’s team in Lithuania. His rating of the event is excellent for not only Goth-Trad, but also the Lithuanian artists.

SwO team also made some review about the artist’s visit in Lithuania. It is interview with Takeaki Maruyama (Goth-Trad). Japan’s underground music scene, its influence on the performer and how is “becoming” an innovator.  All about for your attention!



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