U-Lace No-Tie Laces: Personality and Practicality

April 9, 2020  20:33  |  News

U-Lace No-Tie Laces: Personality and Practicality

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U-Lace recently engaged in a massive messaging campaign to help lift the spirits of students, workers and people everywhere forced to stay home during work-from-home orders issued by dozens of countries. More than just a marketing campaign, the company is allocating over 80% of its social media presence to send out various motivational messages and healthy reminders to its consumers and visitors on Facebook and Instagram. The messages are spelled out in letters from the company’s new Lace Buddies line on the company’s signature modular no-tie laces, with phrases like: “Call A Friend,” “Stay Calm,” “NYC Strong,” “Peace Be Still,” and “It Will Be OK.” U-Lace is the creator of a unique no-tie sneaker lace design that won coveted financial backing by “Shark-Tank” investor Mark Cuban.

“Last year we had a tough time surviving the bankruptcy of one of America’s largest retailers, and one of the things that kept me going was words of encouragement from friends and family”, said U-Lace Founder and CEO Tim Talley. “For us all to make it through this COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of support and encouragement we will all need is tremendous, and so we just wanted to do our part to make a difference.”

“The response on social media has been more than anything we could have imagined,” said Colleen Cardarella, U-Laces social media director. “‘Call A Friend’ has been shared so many times, it’s amazing. “So many people have commented ‘thank you for the reminder’. We wanted to mix both encouragement and reminders of how to stay safe and mentally healthy into the campaign. And I think we’ve done that quite well.”

U-Lace No-Tie Laces: Personality and Practicality

U-Lace is the original creative-design no-tie shoelace, making lacing sneakers with multiple colours and patterns a quick and easy process. U-Lace’s patented design also allows the quick and affordable transformation of sneakers into easy-on/easy-off slip-ons that never have to be tied or re-tied. U-Lace transforms sneakers into a beautiful canvas, allowing literally billions of personalized and customized lace possibilities with its ever-growing catalogue of coloured and printed laces. U-lace’s are also for the entire family with Classic, Slims and Kiddos lines to cover most sneakers and fits.

U-Lace is fun and creative, but practical as well. The laces save travellers time at the airport with a slip-off design; save skateboarders from wasting valuable time fixing broken laces; help E.R. doctors and nurses move quickly from nap rooms to operating rooms, during an emergency; foster self-reliance and independence within special needs populations; and SafetyLace by U-Lace helps those in mental health facilities by reducing incidents of suicide.




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