Tomorrow Machine

August 9, 2015  20:04  |  News

Tomorrow Machine


Tomorrow Machine is a Swedish design studio, based in Stockholm and Paris, which specializes in packaging, product and food concepts. Their, as a designers vision, is to “build a better world through research, new technologies & intelligent material,” which they are certainly successfully doing. They have merged science with art and technology in order to shape creative innovations of tomorrow, as they say.

Tomorrow machine designers, two “wonder women”, Hanna Billqvist and Anna Glansen, have implemented many interesting and useful projects in order to make our world cleaner and easier to use. For example “Microgarden Kit”, where they teamed up with farming start-up INFARM to develop brand new indoor growing kit, so that any person can grow their cute micro-gardens at home. Or another environmental project “this too shall pass”, where they created packages for oil-based products, smoothies and dry goods as grains or rice, which has the same short life span as the foods they contain. Wondering how is that possible? Packages are made of caramelized sugar and wax, for instance, and in order to open, you need to crack it as an egg and it melts, when contacted with water.

Those genius and simple ideas are worth to be spread and used by as many people as possible, in order for our environment, our home to become cleaner. And although these are just a few examples of “wonder-women” works, what is already clear for all of us, that Tomorrow Machine designers really help on creating us a better world.

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