Together for Respect and Tolerance. ‘TOLEDARE’ 2017

May 20, 2017  13:32  |  M.I.C. News

‘TOLEDARE’ 2017 - SwO magazine

Photo by Angela Ter-Vardanian (c)

Today we are celebrating tolerance and open-mindedness in Dresden. We have heard that this town is famous for its diversity, so we decided to visit their famous ‘TOLEDARE’ this year. During this dance parade the streets of this multicultural town will turn into a huge dance floor. The goal of this parade is to demonstrate and celebrate our differences in origin, sexual orientation, sex or religion.

Later this evening the TOLERADE-Party will take place at Sektor Evolution where we will dance all night long. Here is the list of artists, who will perform at ‘Sektor Evolution’.


Ada LIVE (Pampa Records, Hamburg)

Charlie (Szpitalna 1, Krakau)

Charlotte Bendiks (Cómeme, TROMSØ)

Eva Porating (RadioOne Prague, Prag)

Karima F (Jaeger Oslo, Oslo)

Matt Karmil (Studio Barnhus, London)

Murat Önen (Objekt Klein A, Dresden)

Pablo Mateo (Die Orakel, Berlin)

UV Soundsystem (Uncanny Valley, Dresden)


Anna Adams (Purple Power, Dresden)

Lockertmatik (Shtum, Mord Records, MDR, Dresden)

Ostbam (ProZecco, Dresden)

Repro LIVE (Euromantic, Kopenhagen)

Rune Bagge (Ectotherm, Kopenhagen)

Mama Snake (Apeiron Crew, Kopenhagen)


Bandulera (Funky Kartell, Hamburg)

DUKU (The Mine, Brighton)

Fran (Intermission / Berlin)

Gnista (Corrupt-Data, Dresden)

LXC (Alphacut Records, Leipzig)

RUZ LIVE (Alphacut Records, Leipzig)

Together for mutual respect and tolerance. See you there!



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