The World’s First Products Made From 100% Infinna

April 5, 2022  17:01  |  Fashion

Material science innovator, PANGAIA, and the circular fashion and textile technology group, Infinited Fiber Company introduce the world’s first shirts made from Infinna, a new textile fibre created entirely from textile waste. This marks the first time a shirt will be available for purchase made from 100% Infinna, a regenerated textile fibre with the soft and natural look and feel of cotton.

The World's First Products Made From 100% Infinna

Photo – courtesy of PANGAIA ©

The capsule will be available through PANGAIA Lab, the discovery platform within PANGAIA, which brings advanced technology to lifestyle goods, and makes it possible for people to wear the future, now. The capsule will keep textile waste out of landfills and make textile circularity an everyday reality by demonstrating that fabrics made from 100% recycled fibres don’t sacrifice look or feel.

PANGAIA and Infinited Fiber Company announce a multi-year development deal alongside this first release. Infinna will be available on the brand’s B2B platform, PANGAIA Science, which brings breakthrough textile innovations and patents into the world through essential products and partnerships.

Infinited Fiber Technology

Infinna is created from cotton-rich textile waste that is broken down at the molecular level so that the cellulose in the cotton can be captured and be reborn as new fibres. Because it’s made of cellulose – a building block of all plants – Infinna is biodegradable and keeps biomass in circulation. The long-term vision for the technology is for clothes made with it to be recycled again in the same process together with other textile waste.

“PANGAIA is constantly searching for technologies that can help us utilize waste streams and Infinna reimagines how we can recycle and manage textile waste. This first capsule demonstrates that we can create beautiful products made completely from recycled fibres. We are entering a new era of breakthrough innovations in circularity and this launch opens a doorway to the future of textile recycling.” – Craig Smith, PANGAIA Research and Development Director

“We dream of a future where ‘waste’ is not wasted but seen as the valuable resource it can be. Pangaia are really leading the way in exploring circular materials to replace virgin resources. We couldn’t be happier that their customers will be the first to experience wearing a shirt made 100% out of the textile waste that has been cleaned up and broken down at the molecular level to be given a new life as brand new textile fibres. We want to change the image of regenerated textiles being somehow inferior and feel confident that this collection will demonstrate just that.” – Kirsi Terho, Infinited Fiber Key Account Director


Contained within the PANGAIA website, PANGAIA Lab is a platform that continues the brand’s focus on identifying and supporting the most groundbreaking innovations in materials science – with the discovery and trialling of lab-tested firsts. The PANGAIA Lab Powered By Infinited Fiber products feature a graphic inspired by circularity, with “Infinite Tee” printed on both styles.




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