The spiritual fashion brand

February 20, 2013  00:20  |  Fashion

The spiritual fashion brand

Born out of their passion for fashion and  love for spirituality and metaphysics, TEOSOPHY is the first spiritual fashion brand.

TEOSOPHY is a contemporary fashion label, whose styles and aesthetics are inspired from various spiritual schools, beliefs, traditions or philosophies, and then get “translated” into edgy, “spiritual” collections for both men and women.

The brand’s name constitutes a word-play between Teo (their Founder) and Theosophy (from Greek “θεοσοφία”, transl. divine wisdom), an esoteric, philosophic system, which tries to investigate the nature of divinity, humanity and the universe itself.

TEOSOPHY’s mission is to make fashion a “vehicle” for people to turn inwards (or upwards!) and explore their spiritual needs, and they aspire to become the world’s expert in spiritual fashion, spreading their philosophy on a global scale.

Their value system derives from “quinquetra”, the five-fold symbol in logo, which depicts the four elemental forces (fire, earth, air, water), coming together through a fifth, namely the human being.

More specifically, their values are:

FIRE – Innovation and Creativity

EARTH – Sustainability (social, environmental, economic)

AIR – Dialogue, Exchange of ideas and Fun

WATER – Spirituality

COSMOS – Teamwork, Self-development, International orientation

TEOSOPHY‘s first capsule collection for Spring/Summer 13’ will be out in March and will be available in Europe exclusively through





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