The groupie attitude

February 28, 2015  00:37  |  Fashion

The groupie attitude

Photo: © Vivetta

The groupie attitude” is the Fall/Winter 2015 collection by Vivetta Ponti. The brand talking about psychedelia, lightness and freedom and that reinterprets the archetype of the groupie, inspired by the iconic Marianne Faithfull. The famous British artist, groupie of the  Rolling Stones and partner of Mick Jagger, is an exception to the groupies attitude. Young music-starved women, who leave everything to devote themselves to the band and musicians becoming their muses and devoted lovers and living in their shadow.  Later there were getting a full and across-the-board  artistic dignity “Be free with yourself”, is the groupie’s categorical which reminds the Sixties, an age of dreams, ideals, mysticism, cultural revolutions, new horizons and ways drawn by music, those sounds telling about imaginary, real and lysergic trips. Vivetta successfully reinterpret the volumes from Sixties: mini-skirts, mini-dresses with flared skirts, capri pants, double-breasted jackets are enriched by embroideries and surreal decorations. The faces looking at themselves are drawn in an art-nouveau fashion, emphasized by strong chromes evoking the hopes and vivacity of Sixties. The floral elements, being typically liberty, blend with mystic patterns and impressed in colored prints. Lightness and incisiveness combine and alternate with themselves, creating a double way where the flower-power links to colored waves, metaphor of sounds and visions, or draw an unique and separate path, marking an assertive femininity which is at the same time delicate and ironic. It’s a sweet dialogue made of signs and suggestions, that becomes concrete by a combination of materials and colors, arisen from the melancholic notes of “As tears go by”, track by Marianne Faithfull, which accompanied the designer during the creation of her collection. The fur, outerwear, which is also decoration of jackets and dresses, is matched with the cotton popeline and technical clothes as the scuba diving. The colors are light and bright, an unusual alchemy made of lilac, light blue, periwinkle blue, along with vibrant shades of Klein blue, brown, biscuit, burgundy, dark red and the refined simplicity of white and black. Detail becomes the key element of a bohemian elegance, underlined by decorations, embroideries and accessories, embodying the fine manufacture and craftsmanship of Made in Italy. One among all, the collar, a leitmotiv of the brand, includes new patterns and versions as the traditional model with the hands, made of macramè lace and also presented in a version where the hands are decorated by rings along with a catchy series of sunglasses. A wonderful mix of lines depicting a cultural phenomenon, the groupism, narrated and revisited in its anthropology, celebrating its refined, libertine and libertarian dress code.