The First CBD + Probiotic Skincare Line from KOVO Essentials

March 25, 2020  23:17  |  Beauty Fashion

KOVO Essentials is a CBD skincare company committed to providing plant-based, innovative skincare solutions. Their assortment of products is designed to replenish, balance and protect the skin from free radical damage, pollutants and the effects of ageing. KOVO CBD products are THC free and sourced from all-natural 100% industrial hemp. The company will soon be unveiling its new CBD + Probiotic Facial skincare line. They anticipate having products ready for release in the middle of May 2020.

The First CBD + Probiotic Skincare Line from KOVO Essentials

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KOVO Essentials understands the negative effect that environmental pollutants, stress, lack of sleep, and too much sun have on the skin. They believe that applying chemicals with fillers and synthetic ingredients on the face and body is counterintuitive, so they took it a step further and incorporated, not only CBD, but Probiotics, Peptides and other all-natural rich botanicals. Their passion is to provide innovative, anti-ageing formulas from trusted sources, so their customers feel as good about using their products as they do about purchasing them.

KOVO Essentials uses Nano-CBD in their formulas to increase the absorption rate, which allows their serums, undereye patches, and toner mist to enter the dermis within minutes. This innovative process combined with powerful ingredients creates impressive formulas that hydrate, restore pH levels, and reinforce the skin’s natural defence against oxidation. The products help heal and protect the skin from free-radical damage and give the skin a healthier and more luminous glow without the use of harsh chemicals.

KOVO Essential’s CBD + Probiotic skincare lineup will include two face oil serums, one Peptide Toner Mist, and undereye patches. All KOVO products are specially formulated to reduce the look of fine lines and return skin to its natural radiance.



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