The Double C’s fashion in a supermarket!

March 14, 2014  21:27  |  Fashion

The Double C’s fashion in a supermarket


When it comes to big fashion names, we all expect the unexpectable. The show, the clothes, people and ourselves turn into one big organic mind that waits for fashionable explosion. Are we to be blamed for prompting the idea of fashion being something higher than us? Chanel answers “Most certainly not!”

Showcased in Paris Karl Lagerfeld’s fall ready-to-wear collection 2014 astonished, firstly, because of the unusual set. A supermarket! As designer said “I wanted fashion to be closer to ordinary people; that’s what Chanel is about”. Not only was the stage closer to our daily life but also garments themselves represented the needs of ordinary women. Using tweed fabric Lagerfeld explored new ways of approaching the classical Chanel style. More colours, more shapes and…more sneakers maneuvered between simple elegance and sportish casual style.  The most appealing thing in this collection turned out to be its modernity and the fact that women of every age could find a little bit of something they would like to wear.

On the other hand, this collection received critics’ attention for going too far with making Chanel look as a tool of consumerism. There were some disappointed fans, who even suggested that Chanel needs resiliency. Whatever judgment you have, no one would deny that this was a step to the future for fashion.





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