The Collection of femininity

April 12, 2014  23:05  |  Fashion

Lolitta SS 2015


Sao Paulo Fashion Week just finished and SwO is reporting! We decided to take a peek into Lolitta SS 2015 collection. You can definitely expect Latin America rhythm and fun! A lot of bright metallic colours and lovely patterns will shake things up next summer, that’s for sure!

Chic and glamorous dresses are a must to have; they will suit every occasion – a cocktail party, black tie event or simply I-want-to-look-amazing day! Designer created some crop tops with waving ends, which add a high-class appeal but still preserve a young and hip style. The highlight of the collection probably is bold and strong strips that are elegantly matched to the flowery patterns. In general, models look super feminine and expensive. Those, who favour red, warm orange and pink, are the lucky ones, for the entire collection is based on the shades of these colours.



Ina Budryte

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