The Art of Storing Bitcoin

March 11, 2021  19:14  |  News

The Art of Storing Bitcoin

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The Kialara bar is an ingenious Bitcoin storage vehicle that inextricably fuses art and security. Enthusiasm for the Kialara has only grown since its wildly successful first edition, with a strong following among crypto cognoscenti.

Collectors appreciate the Kialara’s brilliant integration of innovative cold-storage engineering with world-class fine art. This integration is so absolute that the only way for owners to access the BTC they have funded within is to destroy the art. That is the Kialara’s paradox— and it’s genius. The Kialara provides not only an unprecedented level of physical protection but also powerful aesthetic and psychological motivation to hold onto one’s crypto fortune. Itself a work of art, the Kialara incorporates innovative design and proprietary security features in its sleek, meticulously hand-assembled housing of precision-machined SUS304 stainless steel.

The Art of Storing Bitcoin

Messengers, Kialara’s latest edition, was created in partnership with the world-renowned painter Ricky Allman, whose work has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Vice, Harpers and The Harvard Business Review. Allman’s stunning futuristic dreamscapes, exclusive to Messengers, are an inspired pairing with the Kialara, and offer an incredible opportunity for collectors of both Bitcoin and painting. The Kialara can be displayed and enjoyed as a piece of art while appreciating in value in both the crypto and fine art markets.



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