The 2-year-old artist behind D.EFECT’s print of SS’15

April 23, 2015  21:22  |  News

D.EFECT SS 15 - SwO magazine

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The colorful print that contemporary clothing brand D.EFECT presented this season was created by none other than world’s youngest designer. She also happens to be the daughter of the brand’s Creative Director Egle Ziemyte.

A big fan of art, Ziemyte finds painting to be her second biggest passion, following her calling for design. So it’s no surprise that she started teaching her daughter how to paint at a very young age.

D.EFECT SS 15 - SwO magazine

“When creating SS15 I was completely immersed in motherhood, having just given birth to my firstborn. Seeing the world through my daughter’s eyes was such a big contrast to the world surrounding me, so the collection is heavily influenced by playful influences from childhood. It’s all contrasting to great, monumental architecture – another big influence for my work and a great passion of mine”, said Ziemyte.

D.EFECT - Egle Ziemyte - SwO magazine

Playing with her daughter Sofija, teaching her how to create the first paintings by splashing paint on paper she envisioned the designs of the newest collection. This is when the designer came up with an idea to use Sofija’s painting as the print of the season.

The print was named “Youngest designer” and was used on three different styles: a t-shirt, a dress and a long shirt dress, that is one of the signature styles of the brand.

2-year-old artist - SwO magazine

D.EFECT is a brand mostly celebrated for its outstanding outerwear collections. The brand is based on the notion of the beauty of imperfection. Separating “D” from “Defect” Ziemyte created a double meaning to the brand name – in her designs she strives for the effect of the defect. “The painting of my 2-year-old daughter seemed like a perfect fit not just to complement this collection, but also to the brand itself. Nowhere else you would see prints created by such a young painter” explained Ziemyte, who gave birth to her second daughter only a month ago. What can we expect from her? It seems like creative ideas run in the family.

D.EFECT - Egle Ziemyte - SwO magazine

D.EFECT - Egle Ziemyte - SwO magazine

D.EFECT - Egle Ziemyte - SwO magazine



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