Terry Richardson’s Diary

January 7, 2013  09:41  |  Daily Inspiration Fashion

No sweaters today. Only white wall, big glasses and a bunch of models in an eccentric photographer Terry Richardson’s studio (did I say ONLY?)

Terry Richardson’s Diary

Photo: terrysdiary.com

I clearly remember that awkward moment in New York Fashion Week when a middle aged male journalist showed me a video of a half-naked model Kate Upton dancing (not sure if I can call this dancing) in front of a Terry Richardson’s camera. The man says that it’s more than hot. I say that it’s nothing special. Maybe it was talking my female brain or maybe it really seemed a little ridiculous. What’s the secret that has Terry Richardson that makes every model behave differently in front of his lens? You can’t mix his photo shoots with anybody else’s. Crazy face and a white wall – that’s got to be Terry Richardson. I was so happy when I discovered his online diary! I hope you feel the same way about him as I do after checking every photo on this extraordinary diary (I mean not every guy can be proud to have Miranda Kerr, Cara Delavigne, Gisele Bundchen and other sexy girls in the apartment).

Be careful because once you enter this crazy guy’s world it’s hard to get out!

Kate Upton video:


Diary: http://www.terrysdiary.com/





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