Temptation of ‘Anakao’ Jewellery

January 18, 2016  22:46  |  Fashion

Bold and brilliant, or elegantly subtle, a woman’s jewellery reflects her personality. With a sparkling range of graceful designs, the new collection from luxury jewellery brand, Anakao, provides the ultimate temptation for all.

Anakao Jewellery

Photo – Anakao (c)

While jewellery still scintillates when displayed in a case, it really comes to life when worn against the skin, the precious metals warming, the gems stones glittering in the light with every breath. As each piece gains lustre, so its wearer gains confidence. She is empowered, alluring, strong as diamonds, as feminine as their shine.

Each timeless item has been individually hand-crafted for the optimum perfection; each gemstone cut and polished to reveal its unique inner beauty; each chain, ring, band and setting carefully, expertly, and lovingly shaped to create something distinctively Anakao.

The Anakao woman is courageous and self-assured, with a strong idea of her own inimitable style, yet she is not averse to Temptation…




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