‘Temporary Showroom’ or how fashion can be understood as a permanent phenomenon

July 8, 2015  21:05  |  Let’s talk

Temporary Showroom

Photos: Lars Brandt Stisen and Temporary Showroom’s

There is a diverse perception of fashion: some people think it is a waste of time while others actively state that clothes do not function just to cover the naked body, but rather stand for self-expression, presentation of individuality, lifestyle and inspirations. Spinning around Berlin is like swinging in a carousel full of diverse boutiques, concept stores, pop up shopping places and unexpected surprises. Opening the doors of Temporary Showroom is getting into exclusive clothes and accessories oasis where Magdalena Bonamin shares the insights about relationship between lifestyle and clothing, Berliner’s style and upcoming Berlin Fashion Week expectations.

How does Berlin look like according to your eyes?

It looks ever changing, for me it has many parallel dimensions. Different things happening all the time that you don’t get to experience unless you get into that scene. I love the lifestyle the city offer, the easy access to nature: forest, lakes or any cultural and leisure activities. My favorite Berlin includes forest & clubs.

Temporary Showroom

Let’s take a short overview around Berlin fashion scene. What are the most important features of fashion tendencies here? Could you mark out some differences between perception of fashion here and other European fashion capitals? What could be the reasons of these odds?

The most important thing for me is that many people have their own style and dare to show it. Not too many people have access to designer clothes like in other capitals, so the style is built by a combination of vintage, local designers and homemade clothes. But the MAIN tendency here black. At least here, I think trends are changing very fast in this ever changing city. I believe there is a strong difference between south European, Scandinavian and east European fashion. It has to do with the weather, traditions and tastes of each place. Anyway, I believe it is really important to be broad – minded and flexible. For example, to be more attracted by a style in fashion rather than fashion coming from certain place. I like unisex fashion, pieces with structure. Everyone (no matter gender, age or body size) can wear it. I give more importance to good fitting that anything else. I like pieces that can be versatile and adjust to your lifestyle. For me that´s the most important thing: to have clothes that I love and that can be used in different situations just by changing the styling.

Temporary Showroom

As you have highlighted, it is thought that Berliners have their own recognizable style. What’s common of their style except black color? Some typical design details, accessories or, in contrary, avoiding these details?

One thing everybody notices very fast: here people always carry so many things! I have in mind computers, make up, different outfits, or their art materials. As the life is so fast and intense, you never know when you go back home, and what will happen and … where you will end up going. It is totally true!

Temporary Showroom is an exclusive place for exceptional clothes and accessories. What brands are the most popular among the customers? How do you make a selection for the collections?

The most popular brand are Sandqvist (people living in Berlin love and need backpacks, due to the lifestyle), Odeur (unisex, black), Y-3, Henrik Vibskov. We look for brands that we like, that fits the rest of the selection and that have a strong concept and history. For us the whole presentation of the brand is very important: catwalk shows or presentation, website, photoshoots, tags, packaging. All that gives so much value to the pieces. I would say, we try to offer statement pieces. The customer should feel well in our clothes, and they will last long time since we also try to offer timeless styles. When I think about our customers, I always say that they just love fashion, are daring and want to make a statement with their style. That makes a strong connection between Temporary Showroom and our clients.

Temporary Showroom

The upcoming Berlin Fashion Week is one of the biggest events in fashion field in Europe. Temporary Showroom is a regular participator in this show. As a result you got to know the tendencies of each year. Any expectations for this time? What colors and shapes are most likely to be dominated? How could it be related with the lifestyle and spheres of interest of the society through the perception of a fashion?

There are always some expectations. Unfortunately, this season ODEUR is not doing a show and I believe is one of the classics in Berlin Fashion Week. But I am always willing to see what Julian Zigerli, Sadak and Augustin Teboul are preparing. I love off location shows with a twist. Talking about dominated colors, would underline that it really depends. There is a lot of black and white, sporty and minimalistic brands. But of course, playful styles and all over prints come to Berlin Fashion Week as well. Oversize clothes should not be forgotten too! Anyway, I don’t assume that the trends portrayed at Berlin Fashion Week necessarily show the most predominant styles in the city. Of course changes of society is closely related with variations in fashion. There is a relief when you find designers or artists that are doing something completely new, especially when their influences are untraceable.

Berlin fashion is inspired by …

Definitely, by the mix of people living here and the lifestyle of a city!

Thank you!

Temporary Showroom


  • Barbara says:

    We agree, that Temporary Showroom is not a typical designer clothing store. In fact, there is much more going on behind the scenes than its modern, floor-to-ceiling glass shopfront would have you believe.
    Great Job! smile emoticon

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