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October 24, 2017  21:21  |  News

The 2017 “Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair” will be held from 3-6 November at Taipei World Trade Center. This 4-day exhibition attracted 180 exhibitors from 11 countries including Cambodia, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, Thailand and so on to exhibit in 300 booths.


Photos – taiwanjewelleryfair.com © “Dragonfly Series” by AKACHEN

The famous high-end designer name jewellery brand AKACHEN will present a museum-style booth to display its jewellery collections. AKACHEN was founded by CHEN CHAN and SUNFLOWER ART JEWELRY, specialising in fine jewellery and ergonomics design and craft. Its exquisite collection of art jewellery pieces had drawn the attention of connoisseurs and celebrities, such as the Iceland’s First Lady, Dorrit Moussaieff, Princess of the Emirates and Naomi Campbell.

Chinlin Wan

Chinlin Wang – “Alone Far Away.”

An exclusive showcase of the “Dragonfly Series” by AKACHEN presents vivid dragonfly figures and movements with cleverly mounted coloured gemstones which revealed remarkable concepts and craftsmanship of AKACHEN. In addition, there will be a total of 75 jewellery pieces of “Zen Series” which are made with 99.9% pure titanium and various coloured gemstones to represent Zen metaphors and the power of nature.

The “Showcase of Antique Watch” debuts at the 2017 “Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair” to exhibit royal and aristocracy limited pocket watches, handmade antique watches, hunter pocket watches and more from the 18th to 20th centuries.

Showcase of Antique Watch

The “Showcase of Antique Watch”

The Designer Area is expected to be one of the most popular pavilions to visit this year. Taiwan designer, Chinlin Wang will display her work “Alone Far Away.” This piece was made with pearl, jadeite, and 18k gold and had won the Gold Award of Special Creation at the First China (International) Pearl Jewelry Design Competition 2016. Chun-Ting Chang, an up-and-coming designer, will exhibit “Jade Open-Faced Pendant Watch” to show marvellous techniques applied to its design.






Ina Budryte

The 13th Kaunas Biennial