Swtr by Tiffany Jen

August 9, 2015  19:49  |  News

Swtr by Tiffany Jen

Photos: tiffanyjen.com

Tiffany Jen is young and inspiring multidisciplinary designer from Florida, which currently lives and works in the New York City. Recently, she have received her master’s degree in design + entrepreneurship at the School of Visual Arts, where she was focusing at design strategy, print and digital design as well as concept development.

Her master thesis, which is worth attention, is called SWTR (pronounced sweater) and it’s also Tiffany’s new business venture. It is the online boutique where you can find crafted fashion from emerging, new designers. The thing that makes Swtr so special is the story about the product you are going to buy, because in this online store, you can find the whole process of how the particular garment became what it is. It involves everything from trips to factories to the personal diaries of the designers and in this way the outfit becomes more personal. After knowing the whole story, you start looking at the product with different eyes and it becomes more precious.

Tiffany believes that the clothes should not be thrown away after one season, but they should be “coveted for life”. In any case, the idea is great and we can only be happy for the beautiful initiative of encouraging business and young designers to create clothes, which carry their stories.

Swtr by Tiffany Jen




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