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October 11, 2018  16:44  |  News

Not a secret, the desire to know the future provokes our interest more than anything else. Designers make use of the latest technology every day to surprise us how everyday objects can be improved. Therefore, this week’s recommendations will feature futuristic-inspired objects.

‘Shimmer’ table by designer Patricia Urquiola

Photos – designers’ personal archives ©


The use of crystal makes it possible for the reflections to create a playful atmosphere at home. ‘Shimmer’ table by designer Patricia Urquiola.

Neptune by Adela Hatic


Friday music playlist is already under the way? ‘Neptune’ by designer Adela Hatic can become an exceptional accent when it comes to music.

‘Primitive’ by Vilius Dringelis


A playful sense of futurism combining naturalistic materials – the table lamps ‘Primitive’ by Vilius Dringelis. Happy future evenings!



Autumn is here, which means that futurism also inspires fashion. Jacked with GPS technology will help you discover your loved ones when there’s an urgent moment. By the way, the abundance of colours will not allow you to stay in the autumn melancholy time.



Be highlighted by the sense of futurism. AMORPHOUS lamp designed by Levi Jacob Price using polycarbonate sheets!

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