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May 31, 2019  20:36  |  News

Who can disagree that France is not the country of trends? It amazes us every year and continues to embrace that sense of art and organic feeling. This time we decided to introduce you to some designers who create outstanding work with the concept of being unique and different.

Ferréol Babin “Spoon”

Ferréol Babin dedicates half of his time collaborating with various furniture and lighting editors where he can incorporate his singular vision and approach of design. His projects are always based on an awareness of function and rationality, combined with a poetic and emotional dimension.

Ferréol Babin

Photos – designers’ personal archives ©


Leo Orta and Victor Miklos are another duo that surprises the all seen product designers. They describe their approach as “ignorant design”, trying to create playful objects that do not necessarily have an explicit purpose and do not respond to trends in material or colour.


Éditions du côté “Maddi Bi

Éditions du côté is a French company of furniture and art objects. Recently they presented one more interesting piece: a coffee table with a twist of reflection. The blue mirror-polished stainless steel surface has a strong power of reflection that brings us a sense of reflection.

Éditions du côté

Florent Coirier “Mom chairs

Florent Coirier has what it takes to become a leading figure in the new generation of French designers. After studying in France and the UK, and serving an apprenticeship under Christophe Pillet, he opened his own studio in Paris and creates furniture pieces that bring the mood immediately.

Florent Coirier

Pierre LOTA vase table

French Product Designer Pierre LOTA creates various furniture pieces which are versatile and can be transformed in 1 second. The organic design just reminds us that easy feeling that France brings.

Pierre LOTA

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