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March 21, 2019  12:03  |  News

Spring definitely brings some life not only into nature but also into our souls. The sunlight reminds about the upcoming possibilities and that romantic feeling of the long days and warm nights. So because if this, we decided to choose our weekly SwO recommendations of the ever loving France.

Amélie Riech from Uncommon Matters

The fashion designer who was trained to be an architect, Amélie Riech creates architectural jewellery pieces from ingenious mixes of materials like plastic and metal. It shows that there are no limits in design.

Amélie Riech

Photos – designers’ personal archives ©

Arnaud Puig aka ARDPG

Inspired by graffiti and art history Arnaud Puig decided to combine those two interests and create fresh and new artwork, which would inspire people to see everything with a more open-minded view.

Arnaud Puig

Nat and Nin bags

Who would not want to have a comfortable bag for their spring evenings? The Nat and Nit handbags combine that French elegance and sophistication for everyday use.

Nat and Nit

Jean Philippe Joly Glasses

Spring brings sun, and gorgeous eyewear is necessary this season. The Jean Philippe Joly brand creates modern pieces with a twist of nature patterns that make the whole piece unique.

Jean Philippe Joly Glasses


The designer Christelle Kocher is called a part of a new generation of French designers who understand that luxury and the street are important to each other. She creates collections that become statement pieces for a goal-seeking person.


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