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October 19, 2018  17:19  |  News

The Autumn is here, and it is typically bringing its own character. A bit cold, windy, unpredictable. But the fashion is typically described as cosy, warm and calm. But what if we would meet it in a different way? These are the choices that will allow you to meet it in a strong, independent and modern way, representing its own individuality.


‘Mellow’ accessories by Melita Rus not only have a modern shape but also come with a strong character and concept.


Photos – designers’ personal archives ©


Rainy days? That is when the freshness appears. The raincoats by the Lithuanian brand 314clothes not only reflect individuality but also a sense of feminine strength.


Mirror MUDU

Designed by HEIMA architects, manufactured by jotjot. Mirror MUDU reflects beauty and changes of standards. There are no limits in design.

Mirror MUDU by HEIMA - SwO magazine

#177 backpack

Beautifully designed leather backpacks by ‘Nerepere’ will make your Autumn even more productive.


When Logic Meets Bliss

The amazing and modern shape of the Dewi Kruijk lamp will add sparkle to any place.

Dewi Kruijk

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