Stay Calm with ‘SexyHair’

September 21, 2020  22:03  |  Beauty Fashion

Professional haircare brand SexyHair is harnessing the power of the flower to launch Calm SexyHair, the first-ever full hair care range using 99% Pure CBD derived from the hemp flower. The five-product collection infused with 99% Pure CBD is formulated to soothe and strengthen hair from roots to ends and features a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, all-style dry-crème and oil elixir.

Stay Calm with ‘SexyHair’

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“At SexyHair we are dedicated to bold new innovations and identifying the most impressive ingredients and products for our stylists and consumers,” says SexyHair brand manager, Ashley LeRoy. “We worked with R&D for 18-months, tweaking formulas multiple times to create the most effective products for our users who are passionate about holistic wellness and beauty, at an affordable price point.”

Calm SexyHair is created with CBD isolate derived from the hemp flower, which contains 99% Pure CBD, unlike the hemp seed, which contains little to no CBD. The line also boasts a blend of avocado and macadamia cold-pressed oils packed full of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids for added nourishment. These ingredients work together to help revitalize and strengthen strands while delivering soothing properties of CBD to the scalp.

As a part of SexyHair’s Sustainability is Sexy initiative, which pledges to reduce plastic waste by keeping 452,000 pounds of plastic out of landfills each year with sustainable PCR packaging, the new Calm SexyHair bottles are made with up to 95% PCR (Post Consumer Resin).




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