Spring Trends in the Fashion Design

January 2, 2016  22:04  |  Fashion

Nothing goes as fast as the fashion design. Every month, a season we receive the trends from all the designers, and this year fashion designers are giving us ideas on how to make ourselves outstand and show our personality. This spring fashion dictates the priority to the decades, that were important in our lifetime, patterns, forms and colours which will help you to show your individuality.

Spring Trends - SwO magazine

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Since the interior trends are focusing on the 70’s style, the fashion is not making a difference. The mixed prints, chiffon dresses, textures, and loads of layers that would make an impression as you would belong to a band. Put a suede jacket or a vest to make your style outstand, and give it a character that would define you in the best way.

Spring Trends

Along with the 70’s inspired look, one of the fabrics – raffia is being used to emphasize the look and reflect the hippie look. Find your inner hippie spirit, while still being dressed up as a classy person.

Spring Trends

Since the PANTONE has released the rose-pink as the colour of the year, the design industry is offering to use this tone to make the space, look more modern. The fashion is not being left apart since for the spring designers are focusing and encouraging fashion lovers to wear pink tones, since it is becoming a big thing. It will help to show the feminine side even more, and also look modern and chic.

Spring Trends

Low waist pants, that are the quite opposite what the designers were offering before. If you want to make your outfit special, and interesting, you should definitely use this trend.

Spring Trends

One of the ideas for the spring which was actually started in the Instagram – robe life. To show the classy, luxury life, to represent the high-class moment and make your look special, this is the idea for your wardrobe. Such textures as silk robes from Thakoon, Givenchy and Public School will be the right choice.

Prabal Gurung

The warm weather is coming soon, and the open shoulder trend will be out on the streets. To make the impression of the hippie look even stronger take this idea, which is perfect for those warm summer days. And finally, the colours – patterns, bright colours, and dyeing your clothes will be the top thing for the spring, which will definitely make us feel the bohemian spirit in the air.