Sockbox SS 13. Riga Fashion Week

January 24, 2013  09:39  |  Fashion

Sockbox SS 13. Riga Fashion Week

Photos: Marc Litvyakoff

Sockbox instead of its new collection credo gave us a quotation from Oxford dictionary. “Amoral – lacking a moral sense; unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of something.” That’s how they called their new collection – “Amoralle”. It was one of the most sensational collections in Riga Fashion Week. Even the famous blogger Face Hunter showed up to the party to “hunt” some great looks. Sockbox SS13 collection ruins the line between night gowns and boudoir clothing. The key points of the collection were long dresses with emphasized waist line, silk robes and pajamas with open shoulders. Designers claim that their new clothes combined with over-knee socks and corsets could be a very nice way to make one-self feel like a royal at home.





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