Smartwatch That Will Keep You Fit, Healthy and Stylish

August 26, 2019  20:00  |  Shopping

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Huami, a multiple award-winning smartwatch designing company, today announces the launch of its newest and most fashionable smartwatch; the Amazfit GTR. This new model brings the classic watch design back and empowers it with the technology to keep fit, healthy and always ready for action. The classic round shaped screen is integrated with a leather strap, thin body maximum comfort and stunning AMOLED display to provide users with an elegant and powerful wearable.


The new Amazfit GTR is a step up in elegance and craftsmanship for smartwatches. It comes in two sizes; 47.2mm and 42.6mm. Each of the two size versions have several editions featuring unique characteristics.

The 47.2mm Standard Edition comes with a light brown leather strap divided into two; the upper half of the strap is made out of leather, while the under half is made out of silicon. This will maintain the elegant look at first sight, while still being completely suitable to resist sweat during workout.

The 47.2mm edition also comes with an impressive battery life that lasts up to 24 days. In this era, where we carry so many portable devices, having a vast battery life is one of the most determinant factors to evaluate our gadgets. That’s why the Amazfit GTR brings the battery life that every user wants to have.

Smartwatch That Will Keep You Fit, Healthy and Stylish

The interface is optimized for the larger display, making icons and messages easier to read, while wearing a beautiful classic design.

Carefully designed for those who seek quality, elegance and efficiency. Our daily lives are filled with important encounters, social events and unpredictable situations, which we need to be ready to face. Wearable accessories and portable devices not only serve us as tools to be more efficient, but also to express our unique taste and personality.

Smartwatch That Will Keep You Fit, Healthy and Stylish

Health and Fitness

Amazfit GTR uses the Biotracker™ PPG Heart Rate sensor to enable users to access with key health functions like 24 hours continuous heart rate, sleep monitoring and sedentary reminders.

The 6-axis acceleration sensor, the Amazfit GTR becomes an ideal companion for sports and workout. It comes with 12 different sports modes including several variations of running, cycling, swimming, and other widely practiced sports like mountaineering, trail running and workout.


The Price of GTR 47mm starts from 149.99 EUR and the price of GTR 42mm starts from 139.99 EUR.



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