Shoes to Love

February 7, 2013  17:18  |  Daily Inspiration Fashion

Shoes to Love


It’s very easy to get obsessed about something, isn’t it? One day you decide you want patterned pants, so you search the whole world for ones, the other day you’re some TV show’s lover and today you may have a shoe lust…If you don’t feel shoe need yet, you may feel it right away!

There’s one more shoe master to love – Italian Jerome C. Rousseau. “Manohlos” and “Laboutins” aren’t very exclusive now. Everybody who has a bunch of money can wear them no matter they love the shoes or they just love showing they live luxurious life. There are more than these two shoe brands. Jerome C. Rousseau’s shoes are cutting-edge, super elegant, chic and very feminine. The form, the glitter, the feathers, the lace, the colors…everything just comes together.

Try not to fall in love with these perfect shoes!

Shoes to Love



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