‘Shadows’ by Aistis Kavaliauskas

February 21, 2017  20:15  |  News

Aistis Kavaliauskas

Illustrations by Aistis Kavaliauskas

Aistis Kavaliauskas – an artist from the youngest generation, creates visual arts in various forms. Usually working with spatial objects and collages, currently he works with conceptual graphics, contemporary sculptures and installations. In artworks artist explores the urban character through constantly changing structures of social and physical levels. Various situations ongoing in the city which have different variety of visual expressions, are the main factors that interests the artist.

Aistis Kavaliauskas
Aistis Kavaliauskas art at the first sight looks simple, as if it articulates nothing or doesn‘t articulate anything. In the canvas of ‘Theatre of Shadow’ the viewer sees the paradox of simplicity which opens the opportunity for deeper dialogue. In these works of young and talented artist one can find himself in unlimited time and space. This feeling is caused by street art forms, symbols and stories which are still questionable in art world because of its’ historical narratives (constant questions if street art is real art or more like social action). The viewer is led to feel as if one is in constantly changing and dynamic space.

Aistis Kavaliauskas

Aistis Kavaliauskas
Aistis Kavaliauskas contrasts intimate (home space) and public (street) spaces interests and combines contemporary painting tradition which talks about sociality and art space synthesis in every step. In this cycle of nine works, artist uses the ‘Theatre of Shadows’ as a metaphor and the paradox of unveiling and hiding the shadows give us the opportunity to experience and see the aesthetics of real and surreal worlds. As Aistis Kavaliauskas says – “the harmony between shadows of theatrical illustrations and urbanistic aesthetics of walls creates new perception of the view, which invites to interpret the visible view while seeing just the fragment”.




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