Sensitive music order

September 28, 2015  21:51  |  Interviews M.I.C.

Sensitive music order

Photos: Bruno Otranto archive

Black curly hair, open, a little bit shy and friendly smile, deep-drawn look and catching laugh. Thirty-something Berlin based music producer and DJ Bruno Otranto does not fulfill stereotypical DJ image while sharing his personal, professional story and sipping a beer in a dark red shadow. “Having an academic background in PR and Advertising, later on getting deeper at the Music Industry and Business at Northbrook College Sussex has profoundly influenced my creative identity as well as general understanding of composition and self-branding” – believes Spanish talent whose career started 18 years ago on a road Madrid – Brighton – Berlin.

Feeling passionate about multicultural differences, learning new languages, making qualitative music and travelling while following the gastronomical way are the features, which describes him the best.Don’t be surprised if you check his music list and find jazz, old school funk or even Balkan music – being broad-minded, tolerant and open are the most important components, according Bruno, to be successful.

Sensitive music order

Some years ago, you moved from Spain to Berlin to start your musician career. Is Berlin still a special place, especially regarding the techno scene? Why did you move here?

Well, I used to live and study in UK for 3 years before coming to Berlin. Every time when there is a discussion with others about multicultural phenomena or melting pot concept, I try to use my story as an example: moving from Madrid to Brighton while feeling that capital of Spain is too small for my curiosity and interests. The funny thing – Brighton is the way smaller than my home city in terms of population and territory, but… Highly more open in creative, multicultural and cultural aspects. Brighton was a great place to be during my study years: meeting new and open people, getting to know different lifestyles, values, attitudes, improving the language skills and learning how music industry works. At the same time, I was playing the music in the private parties, analyzing theoretical knowledge presented at university and adopting it in a practical way, building my self-brand and improving the artistic figure.

My first Berlin visit was related with no expectations to stay here but just the festival “Fusion’. It is true, nowadays it became really recognizable, famous and crowded. Getting back to the moments I was there, I realize the incomparable difference. There are no regrets, this open-air has just grabbed my mind, heart and soul. Finally, lead me to the mind – Berlin is my city. Definitely. City of music, city of culture, city of unexpected surprises every day, every night… What really makes it special – professional electronic music scene. You can listen to the qualitative music every night and find young, but super perspective diamonds even in the smallest, smoky, industrial and raw places. I never get bored and fulfill my curiosity. What else does happy person need, right?

Sensitive music order

Before you settled down here, you studied Music Business at Northbrook College Sussex. You have knowledge how to create, maintain and develop music labels and generate the revenues. How did the studies influence your perception of music industry? Were you dreaming about being a DJ or businessman more? 

I have always been interested in the entertainment business and media, looking for the connections between an esthetical self-expression and marketing, advertising, promotional strategies. Making music isn’t easy and maintaining music business is a hard task as well. After graduation from PR and Advertising study program, I started to focus myself on one industry. Music. It has so many overlaps with video, animation, visual and fashion industries that, in order to be a successful musician and especially music producer, it is necessary to be open minded, multiple, flexible, intellectual and curious. I have a huge passion for making the music and sharing my emotions, feelings and stories with the listeners, but working as a producer is enjoyable too. Isn’t it a golden combination actually? I do love music and have ideas, skills, knowledge how to make it profitable.

Sensitive music order

Sensitive music order

You seem to be very active person. What are your hobbies and other activities besides DJ’ing?

Each activity, which is related with staying outdoors could be called my type. If somebody wonders about the minuses Berlin as a city has, it is darkness in the late autumn and winter. Just think about it: you leave your home – it is dark, you come back – no natural light again. So, when it is summer, I enjoy socializing with people and eating together somewhere in the park while sharing the experiences and memories. Dancing when the sun is up and seeing the smiles upon the faces of others with a mild wind. Travelling and changing my personal beliefs, trying my internal strength, exploring new cultures and cuisine.

As a broad-minded person, I have some other interests besides music: design, fashion, visual industry. Working with a Spanish jewelry brand “Uno de 50” is a great pleasure. I love the connotation of the style: elegant, minimal with some raw and industrial details, but still not aggressive. Tradition and modernity merges together to shape a different brand, with an ever-present handcrafted spirit that reflects exclusivity through design and quality.

Sensitive music order

What is your favorite place to play in Berlin? What makes it special: location, sound system, people or magical component?

I do not know if my skills in music and management or the luck brought me to the one of the most famous, but still quite underground club Golden Gate just right after 4 months of living in Berlin. At that time me and my colleague organized the series of parties “Wakeful” which is a synonym of a word “sleepless”. The place itself is associated with morning or Sunday parties and it is still one of my favorite places to play and to party as well as Sisyphos or Kosmonaut.

This summer I had a chance to play in the Polish open-air “Plotzlich am meer Festival” which is extremely popular among German music lovers and producers, party animals and nature divas. To my mind, every performance is exceptional, different sets have to be prepared according to the location, audience, atmosphere and music taste.I did the research and my “homework” carefully: after successful cooperation with “Plotzlich am meer Festival”, some Polish promoters have booked me to play at the City Hall Club which hosts TanzBar 10th edition of popular event series celebration this Friday. Great vibe and qualitative music is guaranteed as organizers put so much efforts to make this event memorable!

Having almost 18 years of DJ’ing experience makes me naturally strict about music generally and sound system too. Choosing a place to play or to go out is always related with two mentioned components, but for God sake, not forgetting the people! If we take Berlin as an example, to be sincere, there are so many great places with the professional musicians, really qualitative sound system at the extremely amazing and breathtaking locations, but … Everything means nothing if the behavior of people cannot let you to chill out, forget about the problems and just enjoy the music, company and vibe. Even though I have no ideas about magic and spells, but the perfect combination between all the ingredients could bring magical experience for sure.

Sensitive music order

Since you are traveling and playing in clubs in the different places, what do you associate with the term “home”?

I have a greatly strong connection with my family and friends. I will always call the place – home – where the strong feelings are. My HOME city is Madrid where my family, childhood friends and memories are, but my personal HOME is Berlin. It’s the home of my self-expression, music, passion, tolerance, creativity, open lifestyle, beliefs and inspirations. On one side, I am highly lucky having two homes: one – with my family, amazing weather and food, another – with inspirational music scene and possibilities to raise my own family. Berlin is a place to be. I have no doubts.

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