Savvy shopping guide

September 19, 2013  16:30  |  News

Fashion savvy and savvy shopper should be listed as antonyms. Have you ever wondered where your money disappeared? You only bought a new dress, pair of shoes, jeans, t-shirt and that is all! So how can it be that two weeks after the payday, you are left with few notes in your wallet and empty credit card?

We know how you feel. That is why we decided to do a little research into savvy shopping and reveal, month by month, what are the best times to buy what.

Savvy shopping guide

Photo: Raminta/ © SwO


January is great for two reasons: biggest sales and new collections after the sales finish. Keep in mind though that many stores will not only take out previous autumn/winter clothes, but also the ones that were left after previous sales which can mean that clothes from collections as old as 1 or 2 years might appear on the shop floor again. Our suggestion- don’t overspend during the sales on clothes you don’t really need, buy the basics which never go out of fashion and save some money for upcoming new collections to get the key pieces of new season.


Come February most of the spring/summer merchandise is in the stores. If you are after a particular item for the upcoming season, do not wait any longer, go and get it.


As fashion rhythm is getting faster and faster, March is the time to check the stores again for new pieces of spring/summer collections that keep coming into the stores. March is also the month to look out for warehouse sales. These are the events that heavily discount clothes from well-known brands.


This is the time to buy items for the high-summer season, even if it is not even warm outside. Especially if you have any doubts of finding it later on. It is always better to be prepared rather than walk in your demi-season boots when sunshine finally hits.


That is right, sales time again! You know what to do…


Chunky knitwear and heavy coats are coming back to the stores. Just as in February, do not wait if there is particular item you want to get hold of. It might not be there anymore when autumn rain comes…


Spring/summer collections start arriving to the stores as retailers are trying to make few early sales for customers going somewhere warm for the holidays.


Keep your eyes open for the sales! Normally they start on the Boxing day, but it might vary store to store.