Roses are Red: Perfume & Lipstick Escentials

August 13, 2020  22:07  |  Beauty Fashion

When two beauty entrepreneurs collaborate to create “must-have” feel-good products in this time of uncertainty it is no wonder that Sue Phillips of Sue Phillips House of Fragrance and Heather Fink of The Sexiest Beauty introduce “Roses are Red” Perfume & Lipstick Escentials, to bring optimism and a burst of confidence and poise for the “New Normal.”

Roses are Red: Perfume & Lipstick Escentials

Photo – Scenterprises ©

This collaboration between a beauty brand founder and fragrance scentrepreneur offers uplifting positivity and hope for the global community in this difficult time of world crisis.

The innovative product pairing includes an exquisite exotic modern Rose Floral Perfume (not your grandmother’s rose scent!) with a bold Red Lipstick. For every woman who reflects her individuality and personality without apology, the must-have duo that says: “It’s me – I’m back, better than ever!”

“I have long wanted to introduce a lipstick with my fragrances; I had an “Aha moment.” Why not with The Sexiest Beauty?” says Sue.

Heather echoed: “I’ve long been an admirer of Sue’s genius for fragrance, and her Rose perfume blend is my personal obsession!”

As fellow entrepreneurs, they have found total support with each other and felt it would be the right time to collaborate and pair two beauty essentials to inspire women to look and feel their best. Wearing lipstick and fragrance is equivalent to a suit of confidence armour. It is the first request women want after they have undergone hospitalization. We want everyone to feel equipped to take on this brave new world to feel empowered. Our “Roses are Red” Perfume & Lipstick Escentials is the perfect way to enhance your beauty, feel confident, and announce to the world “I’M BACK.”



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