Redemption Choppers FW 14

February 27, 2014  02:15  |  Fashion

Redemption Choppers FW 14

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Seamlessly merging a taste for sophistication with the quest for freedom that is the enduring charm of biker culture, Redemption Choppers keeps defining, collection after collection, a self-confident, adventurous character who elegantly breaks rules. As she evolves keeping faith to her values, the Redemption Choppers woman finds new ways to express herself, growing organically while avoiding the urge to drastically change every six months. Redemption Choppers, in fact, owns timelessness as a quality, a free and individual spirit being the authentic signature of clothes charged with a classic authenticity. Excellence is what makes them different: the superior language of Italian craft speaks through luxurious materials, immaculate cuts and painstaking attention to detail.

The Redemption Choppers collection for FW 14 is sensually tactile. Distilled to a quintessential pureness, not an unnecessary element in sight, exact lines bring attention to surface treatments that demand to be investigated with the hands: two-tone craquelé leather; ombré silk and ombré cashmere; coated and pleated stone washed georgette; coated hairy surfaces; contrast threads.

The collection is thought as a wardrobe that can be freely interpreted in personal ways. Seen anew and rethought in proportion, the iconic pieces are all included: the tuxedo jacket and the perfect pant; the fluid tunic and the dramatic long dress; cozy knits; the trench coat; the jumpsuit; the masculine shirt. The opposition of convention and rebellion creates electricity: to-the-knee leather skirts have a bourgeois properness that is contradicted by high slits; leather leaves way to velvet; a miniskirt appears under a mannish blazer. Constrast stitches and phyton inserts engage and surprise.

The silhouette is elongated and soft, the body revealed but not constricted. Mixing tones of black with dashes of deep red and touches of silver, the color palette has an emotional quality inspired by the paintings of Mark Rothko. Materials are sensual: plongé leather, phython, silk cady, velvet, cashmere. Accessories include craquelé leather boots and lace ups with oversized metal-rimmed eyelets, studded high heel boots, compact shoulder bags with a tough yet gracious feel.

Redemption Choppers FW 14

Redemption Choppers FW 14






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