Rainbow Girl

February 13, 2013  20:00  |  Daily Inspiration Fashion

Rainbow Girl

Photos: style.com; terrysdiary.com; tumblr.com

After the rain always comes sun and that’s how we got the rainbow! In NYFW this phenomena is a little bit different. There after the snow really came sun and we got the rainbow for sure. Actually, we got more than a rainbow. We got a real colorful rainbow model Chloe Melissa Norgaard! It’s impossible not to notice her walking on the runway with a whole palette of colors in her hair. Yesterday she hit Rodarte runway and caught everyone’s attention. Here are some facts about this extraordinary girl:

  • Chloe lives NYC
  • Naturally she’s brunette
  • She dyes her hair by herself with the help of her friends
  • She first went toTokyoto start modeling, but she ended up being a DJ (she still does it!)
  • Chloe’s agency in NY list her hair color as “rainbow”
  • Model’s favorite word is “Boom!”
  • When casting directors ask her why is her hair so many different colors, she says “I ate too much candy”
  • Chloe has her own blog where you can follow her adventures. It says “Come play! & Be Stoked” http://artoftranslation.tumblr.com/
  • She has every single color in her closet
  • Her favorite book is “Little Prince”
  • She studies Art Therapy at The New School
  • Her DJ name is Madame Chloe


There she is on the Rodarte runway and after the show caught by Tommy Ton:

Rainbow Girl Rainbow Girl



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