PRZHONSKAYA SS 2016. Inspired by American housewives of 1950’s

January 6, 2016  20:23  |  Fashion


Photos by Eva Tokarchuk

Inspired by the aesthetics and the lifestyle of the American women in 1950’s; their eye-catching, subtle, romantic silhouettes, external fragility and inner freedom and power, PRZHONSKAYA couldn’t help but fall in love with them.

By learning more about their lifestyle and habits, PRZHONSKAYA found that they had to make great sacrifices in order to become independent and equal to their men. These fragile-looking personas smoked like factory pipes, desperately trying to fight for their rights.




In PRZHONSKAYA SS 2016 collection they decided to re-imagine the American women of the 50’s, by replacing their unhealthy habits by a healthy lifestyle. How would they look like in their daily life environment cooking broccoli instead of smoking a thin cigarette?

The heroine of our new editorial is a girl in the minimalistic attire of complex cut, soft folds and smooth lines. She holds fruits and plants in bright colours. Colours play an important role in this setting, symbolising the inner strength of the heroine.

Photo – Eva Tokarchuk

Model – Milena Garbo

Style – Helen Prhonskaya

MUA – Anastasia Ermakova