Project ‘Chair’ by Paula Clavería

February 25, 2018  23:11  |  News

Paula Clavería - SwO magazine

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Morphology, use, function, structure and the interaction with the user. Rational and irrational uses, humanization of the object, theories in a relation between spaces and some practices, exercises about how to work the body when the object doesn’t exist. All this process is necessary once it comes to designing an object. Designer Paula Clavería is not just one field designer. She studied dressmaking in a little atelier and art, focused on jewellery and sculpture, at the School of Art of Zaragoza. Since she needed to expand her skills and tools and to learn the two-dimensional technique which inspired her to create the project ‘Chair’.

Paula Clavería - SwO magazine

Paula Clavería - SwO magazine

Later, Paula moved to Madrid to graduate in Integral Design and to be able to develop all the fields of design, which for her was interesting since the beginning, because it allowed to understand and to experiment with everything. Developing graphic design, scenography, interior design, product design and the contemporary art in one.

The project ‘Chair’ can be described as a pure example of art that became a visual form. The abstract chair is the result of a theoretical and practical research and it focuses on the study of how the body actions work in relation with an object, about the rational and irrational use, and about the object as a tool. Just the function is important when you want to create an object.

Paula Clavería - SwO magazine

Paula Clavería - SwO magazine

When it comes to inspiration, this experimental furniture was born through the abstract art and Bauhaus form. By studying the Kandinsky technique and how shape can be transformed into the volume. The aim was to delete the old shape and create a new one based just on the function.

Paula Clavería - SwO magazine

If we would delete the chair, the body would fall on the floor and we would immediately start looking for a new way to sit down. We would keep the body posture and would start to fill the empty spaces. A bit of industrial inspiration for the look of the object which makes all the boundaries go away once it comes to the design.



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