Pattern nostrum

June 14, 2016  21:19  |  Fashion

Studiopretzel SS17 - SwO magazine

Photos: Studiopretzel archives

For the new summer 2017 collection, Studiopretzel continues to explore genres contamination.

The operative base is still Tuscany, where the brand has launched, this time in Prato, close to Florence, a collaboration with Pattern nostrum, a creative duo that combines painting on canvas with digital graphic design. Chiara Lanzillotta’s handcrafted art, created with stencils, colours and brushes, is captured and digitalised by Stefano Roiz, using a digital reflex and a computer. This process expands and multiplies the chaos of pictorial language, starting from one single mould to create a virtual library of endless shapes and patterns, codified in a continuous but always different repetition of the original canvas.

This is the basis upon which the printed part of the collection is built (on ready-for-paint 10oz denim), next to the monochromatic textiles chosen as foundations. The coloured marks, dense and continuous, remind us of street graffiti, while spatters and drops, typical of American expressionism, enhance the items’ shapes, exploding in total looks.

The entire collection is created with denim fabrics and indigo cotton by Berto Industria Tessile, a denim mill from Veneto, Studiopretzel’s partner and sponsor for the third consecutive season, thanks to the #berto4youngtalents project.

For 2017, the range of hands and weights is wider than ever and ‘no season’, combining printed and light indigo cotton with raw denim, selvedge or not, from 7oz to 10oz. The collection is completed with backpacks and sneakers in eco-leather with printed denim inserts, created thanks to Studiopretzel’s collaboration with the accessories brand from Veneto, Kjore Project.

Moreover, also this year, Studiopretzel joins LAV’s ‘Animal Free’ campaign, supporting a sustainable and ethical fashion, without using any animal derived material such as leather, fur, silk or feathers.