Passion for Fashion by Marcell von Berlin

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Passion for Fashion by Marcell von Berlin

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“Every day I wake up with bigger passion for fashion” – says 29 years old high fashion Marcell Von Berlin label establisher and designer Marcell Pustul. From Poland to New York ‘till finally settling down in alternative fashion capital – Berlin. Studying at the prestigious Parsons School of Design, working for DKNY & Michael Kors fashion companies, shaped his style and enhanced capacity to perfectly dress up every woman while combining elegance, functionality, charm and comfortability. Marcell believes in a perfect harmony of beauty and comfort, day and night, business and leisure. The luxury fashion sense occupies a space of exclusivity when high fashion designer reveals his story pages fulfilled with inspiration derived from women, music, art, travelling and vivid lifestyle of NYC and Berlin.

Passion for Fashion by Marcell von Berlin

Marcell von Berlin: what is the story behind?

I was born in Poland, later on moved to New York City to study at the prestigious Parsons School of Design. Great experience brought me to DKNY & Michael Kors fashion companies to improve my skills and enhance imagination, creativity and perception of fashion, design and styling. I have started my own label just few years ago, but so far designed 4.000 dresses for 2.000 clients. Great start – half of work, right? I have a huge passion for fashion, styling, music, arts, travelling. All these fields influence my work and everyday life. My personality always related with improvement and challenges, for example it was a great chance to grow professionally and personally while being a jury at Red Dot & Speaker Start Smart, Juror International Festival of Creativity Cannes Lions.

How would you describe your brand and what are the most important key features?

My motto says a lot: you only have to combine it! I mean, beauty and functionality, day and night, business and leisure, sporty and chic. I wish everybody is courageous, creative, self-confident and multiple. Just like my label: flexible, open and without any frames.

Ready to Wear Marcell Von Berlin collection could be described as progressive, arithmetic, floating and inspired by different music influences. It goes across generation and culture boarders. Each look tells the story. It is very important that women feel the combination of beauty and functionality during day and night.

Atelier Marcell Berlin collection is related to being fancy, individual, extravagant. It captures the emotions of women – worldwide. The variety of rich fabrics and refined but wearable patterns makes each evening an astonished experience. The dresses are perfectly adapted to the woman’s body, as I take elegance and capacity to feel comfortable for granted. Atelier creations are produced with dedication and are extremely unique in style and mood.

Passion for Fashion by Marcell von Berlin
You are creating for women. What is special about this target market?

They are inspiring! My fashion is proper mixture based on two vivid cities – Berlin & NYC. Energetic, multicultural, creative, full of music, art, entertainment, unexpected surprises which somehow bring harmony. Women can be very diverse and there are plenty of possibility in design. Dress (which is closely related with feminine) is not just a cloth, but rather a mood, atmosphere, feeling, occasion, memory, individual expression.

What is the most important thing for the creative person? How do you stimulate your imagination?

Environment definitely plays one of the most important roles as well as a teamwork, which helps put together different perspectives to produce the unified concept. I am always surrounded by music. As mentioned before, it is one of the most important resources for my mind, soul, imagination and capacity to create and re-create. I love travelling, discovering new cultures, sceneries, people and their habits, values, ways of expressing the personalities and individual needs. New York and Berlin are two never sleeping cities, which bring refreshment to my mind. Every day I have a new page to fill in with my imagination. It is magical and I love it!

Passion for Fashion by Marcell von Berlin




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