Oversized Clutch

February 6, 2013  09:24  |  Daily Inspiration Fashion

Oversized Clutch

Photos: eyeseyeseyeseyes.com; fashionsalade.com; fotolovee.blogspot.com;

Sometimes you only need that one thing to make you look fabulous. Today it might be an oversized clutch!

I got obsessed about this style handbag ever since I saw one on “The Sartorialist” some time ago. When I made a research it appeared that all fashionistas has at least one big clutch in their wardrobes. It might be not the most comfortable thing, but it absolutely is the most stylish and eye- catching accessory!

What do you say getting one for yourself?

Oversized Clutch

Oversized Clutch

Oversized Clutch

Photos: koolgirlnthegall.blogspot.com; thesartorialist.com; theblondesalade.com; jakandjil.com



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