Orphan bird: simplicity and intercultural design

March 28, 2014  20:39  |  Fashion

Orphan bird: simplicity and intercultural design

Photos: orphanbird.com

Orphan bird seems to be a strange name for a clothing brand, doesn’t it? But when you look closer to what the label produces, it becomes all clear. Ant name suits the style. Let me introduce you a duo of Italian designer Ciro Supino and Swedish photographer and visual artist Sara Lohman, who create designs that interweave two completely different cultural backgrounds. But the results are surprisingly good!

Founded in 2012 this brand seeks to create unconventional clothes with futuristic approach to what is elegant and chic. If we look at their last AW14/15 collection, we soon realize that black and white are still on the top of elegance. Playfully they add some details that are either in deep dark red or soft earthly brown. But the most eye-catching thing about them is their craving for asymmetry and reserved stylishness. It sets a very fresh and provocative tone, while those pieces that include symmetric shapes form simple but intriguing image. Shoe-lovers would probably pay attention to Japanese-like geta footwear that perfectly compliments the garments. In general, Supino and Lohman’s style is full of harmony and passion for culture making it easy to relate with their work.



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