January 15, 2015  18:08  |  Beauty Fashion

Original by Anja Rubik

Photos: originalbyanjarubik.com

Inspired by the long experience of working with different designers and people from fashion industry, Polish top model Anja Rubik finally felt as she knew what step is needed to be taken next. Recently, she launched new perfume “Original” which, as she mentioned, had the purpose to “trigger a state of mind to use the power of our sense of smell to connect with a message of empowerment”.

The main accent of the fragrance is the scent of lilies, enriched with the fresh note of green tea. This light sense is touched by the amber and peppercorn spice, which as composed by the New York’s “nose” Patricia Choux, especially for Rubik.

The scent reflects Anja’s personality and her character of always seeking something different and new. The black and white photographs, which were taken by Paola Kudacki, as well as the bottle of the “Original”, reflect model’s Gemini nature, where two different sides of her fight inside every day.

However, the result is exciting and therefore we can’t wait to see what this extraordinary girl is going to show for us next.

Original by Anja Rubik



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