Only Skin is Reinventing Skincare for Men

September 13, 2021  22:56  |  Beauty Fashion

Only Skin, a new premium clean skincare line (without the high-end price) created exclusively for men, today announced the launch of its hardworking kits that take the guesswork out of your daily routine. Formulated by skincare experts with the same clean and effective ingredients found in luxury brands, including niacinamide, squalene, lactic acid and peptides, Only Skin offers three strategically developed kits that make it easy for guys to make an investment in their skin and stick to a regimen that works for the long run.

Only Skin is Reinventing Skincare for Men

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“Only Skin was born from my personal need for a skincare routine that actually works and is easy to fit into my busy schedule,” said Greg Willsey, founder of Only Skin. “Like a lot of men out there, my days are long between work, hitting the gym, playing sports and exploring the outdoors, and I wanted a way to take care of my skin that works just as hard as I do. I won’t keep using something that doesn’t deliver real results, and I didn’t have time to research the myriad products offered by other brands to create a regimen for myself. By working with top skincare development experts and leveraging the same ingredients as luxury brands, we’ve created a solution that delivers results you’ll see in just a few weeks and will continue performing day after day and year after year. Only Skin is an affordable way to invest in your skin – and best of all makes it easy once and for all.”

The brand’s kits uncomplicate taking care of your skin by making it easy and enjoyable. Only Skin eliminates the chore of sifting through a never-ending list of products by giving you effective formulas that care for your skin in a simple kit.




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