No.1 Stylist

January 14, 2013  20:22  |  Daily Inspiration Fashion

No.1 Stylist


Today is a day of new acquaintances! Meet Eric Daman – one of the most important stylists on Earth. He worked with two legendary TV shows: “Sex and the City” and “Gossip Girl”.

If you haven’t heard about him I think it’s about a time to get to know him. He is the one who started headband fever in “Gossip Girl” and he is definitely the one who picked shoes for Carrie Bradshaw. He was the costume designer’s assistant in “Sex and the City”. These TV shows are the most famous fashion series of all time and the merit for that goes to 42 year old man Eric Daman. Without him there would be just Carrie and not the fashion icon Carrie. Don’t make me start talking about “Gossip Girl” cast…When “Gossip Girl” finally is over he takes up a new project – “The Carrie Diaries”. He is in charge of picking a closet for Carrie Bradshaw living in 80’s. Since Eric Daman is working for the new TV show it should end up as one of the biggest fashion hits too.

Can you imagine what life would be without this man? I assume there would be life without fashion on TV.

Check some of his matches from “Gossip Girl” and contribution to “Sex and the City”:

No.1 Stylist

No.1 Stylist





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