New Science-Backed Plant-Based Skincare Brand – HPPY Skin

September 21, 2021  18:06  |  Beauty Fashion

HPPY Skin, a new science-backed skincare and wellness brand, launched today, debuting as the first and only skincare brand to leverage HPP (High Pressure Processing), which allows for the creation of highly efficacious, fresh, microbiome-friendly formulas with no heat treatment or chemical preservatives – a total stand-alone in the industry.

New Science-Backed Plant-Based Skincare Brand – HPPY Skin

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“After realizing most skincare products on the market use extracts, chemicals and synthetic ingredients, we wanted to develop science-backed products that contain fresh, natural ingredients – inspired by your favourite green juice – with no preservatives,” said Hannah Penn, Founder of HPPY Skin. “We are bringing something new and innovative to the industry, by creating pH-balanced skincare masks with bioactive compounds to benefit the skin and its microbiome.”

From start to finish, HPPY Skin products are produced in a refrigerated facility to retain and stabilize the beneficial components of each ingredient. HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology – a highly pressurized method of stabilizing and sanitizing using cold water – is the cleanest alternative to using chemical or natural preservatives in skincare products. When compared to other manufacturing and processing methods, HPP is highly sustainable, with >95% of the water used in the process being reused, and the equipment does not require a constant energy draw to maintain pressure.

“While HPP technology has been around for years, its proven benefits have yet to be applied to skincare, which is where HPPY Skin comes in,” said Joyce Longfield, HPPY Skin’s Head of R&D. “HPP provides a natural, clean extraction process which allows us to not have to use extracts that are prepared with chemical solvents nor uses steam (i.e. heat) which can impact the potency and stability of the extracts.”

HPPY Skin launched with four masks: Clarity Mask, Calming Mask, Hydrating Mask and Anti-Aging Mask. The jelly-like texture of each mask stays cool on contact and infuses the skin with pure, effective ingredients. Refrigeration is required to maintain optimal ingredient freshness and efficacy. HPPY Skin is 100% plant-based, responsibly sourced and cruelty-free. It is made without preservatives, fillers, toxins, extracts, chemicals or synthetic ingredients.




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