New ‘Columbia Naturals’ Line of Premium Topical CBD Lotions

July 6, 2020  16:50  |  Beauty Fashion

Columbia Naturals all-natural CBD topicals are handmade with some of the finest quality ingredients in the Pacific Northwest. Columbia Naturals’ CBD creams, lotions, and salves are infused with Columbia Basin Hemp’s pure CBD isolate and can be applied directly to the skin. CBD topicals have many potential benefits including reducing pain and inflammation, soothing skin problems and helping to heal wounds.

New 'Columbia Naturals' Line of Premium Topical CBD Lotions

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With their focus on handmade all-natural CBD topicals, Columbia Naturals has created the following premium formulation salves and lotions:

Farmer’s Helper: This blend is formulated to ease those worn muscles, regardless of your lifestyle. From long hours in the office to long days in the field, this icy-hot blend will help ease the tensions and aches that just won’t go away.

Lavender Breeze: This delicately balanced lavender gel gives the feeling of calming relaxation along with skin softening and soothing properties. It is a fast-absorbing, never sticky, light moisturizer with a cool finish.

River Plunge: This blend is reminiscent of taking the first plunge in the Columbia River on an early summers’ day when it’s still the temperature of the snowmelt running off the Cascade Mountains.

New 'Columbia Naturals' Line of Premium Topical CBD Lotions

As farmers, ‘Columbia Naturals’ produce their hemp sustainably, as they strongly believe it is their duty to be stewards of the land and use sustainable practices to grow hemp and other crops. They hope you will feel the love they put into each batch and the hours of hard work, from the soil to the salve in your cabinet.