Nate Connelly‘s Debut Album

January 12, 2014  18:01  |  M.I.C. News

Nate Connelly

Photos – Nate Connelly archive ©

New sounds for the start of the new year. This time, we are presenting not only Nate Connelly‘s debut album and his video clip of the single ‘You Echo’, but also new record label ‘Blind Colour Records’.

Just a year ago formed record label of alternative electronic music, today presents their latest release – Nate Connelly‘s new album ‘A Dream About Being Lost’. Electronic sounds are mixed with sounds of organic, also here you can find really interesting vocal variations. The wintery and weary mood is encouraging for deeper music listening. All of it allows you to not keep this in the background.

At the same time, there appears artist’s video clip of the single “You Echo”. The video is analysing a very sensitive subject – legalization of drugs and constantly appearing new substitutes. According to the director of this clip, these subjects are submitted not as much as they should. The video is an attempt to keep the distance from the special effects in order to convey the song in a more realistic way. Creators of this video desired to speak loudly and clearly about the existence of this problem.



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